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Software engineer
Software engineer
I'm a senior web developer, I own frontend / backend development tools, I've rich full stack development experience, my primary profile is a backend.
I specialize in working with the MODX framework and developing large projects / services using Php + ajax web technologies.

My primary developement tools:
CMF MODX Revolution, OpenCart, Php 5/7, SQL, jQuery, Bootstrap 4 / flexes, work with raster and vector images at the level of corrections and edits, rendering icons, simple banners (Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator - about 7 years of experience), database design, compilation of technical specifications, development of algorithms and block application schemes, development of two-way REST API for data exchange between projects, work with MODX API, Yandex API, messengers bots - creation, integration, sending group notifications, writing parsers sites, price lists, development of data synchronizers with 1C.

I've the extensive experience with MODX, performed single-handedly complex projects on CMF MODX, experience integrating a third-party API, synchronizing with 1C, writing and automating parsers, APIs, etc...

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