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Translator: 10 years blogging, world wide audience
Translator: 10 years blogging, world wide audience
Started the bilingual path since I was a child, native Spanish and nearly native English speaker since years ago. Now learning more languages but I want to be an expert before using them professionally.


Please be professional and stay out of my personal accounts like Instagram, dismiss any stupid lies being told about me by ridiculous sects who are angry, invasive and stubborn because I refused to join them losers, my art must not interfere with the serious work we do here. I've been writing since forever, my teachers used to praise my storytelling and essays on front of the class, ok let's move on...

As a freelancer I've learned a lot about the needs of new businesses. Current and past happy customers include local Government and IT startups.


I work fast from home. I'm taking a break from the software startup life, developing my own projects and helping people.


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